A tortuous shelled demon sat firmly on the shoulder

Trying not to tempt fear from the man but to give him its own

Clamper down, clamper down the sway began to say

And with another sway pulled all his joy away


Demon raised his brow and moved with haste to match

Without success.

The mans dance tied to grace and with precision like scratch

Orchestrated destress.


Hold not hatred for the demon and in turn grope for escape

With movements man furthered, with movements he murmured:


O dance with thee

small demon sitting

closing curtains for me

my arms come spitting


This scare dance for you

i bring with mercy

a fog down with due

but with honour like a curtsey


And with each silent word demon gave way

Gave way to good as her found fear in his own

Lost in the light, focussed his eyes


Saw the dance with clarity

and returned to his hell.