If you do follow my blog you've probably stopped. The realisation that everything i was writing on here was basically pointless and shit became increasingly bothering, i was forcing myself to post all kinds of things i didnt give a shit about because i felt some kind of weird obligation from all kinds of other people.

I still go surfing sometimes, if i feel like it. The pressure thats put on young surfers like myself is fucking mental. The amount of times you here people talk about some guy who doesn’t surf much any more saying things like “he used to be the best” or “he could of had it all” is crazy, he didnt fucking want it all. He’s probably having a great time doing something he cares about and then having fun surfing when and where he wants on the board he wants. Just because someone used to surf a lot and be good at it, and then they surf less and maybe become less good at it doesnt mean they've nosedived into self destruction and have nothing left in there life. I dont want to be a professional surfer and i dont care if i go for months without surfing, ill surf when i want, its more fun that way.

I mainly make music now, ill probably be posting a lot of things relating to that, as well as writing, paintings and occasional photographs. Probably less surf related posts, but then maybe not.


October Playlist

I decided to make a playlist every month and post it on here because i like making playlists.. I may at some point try and make each playlist somehow relevant to the month.. This one isn't.

Me at age 11 in my early years of rampant product placement.